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IN3D- Communication and Advertising Agency for Pharmaceutics, Healthcare, Science and Medical Technology.

Celebration, ComprehensionCost effectivness: three essential key points to help you reach your communication goals. We put focus on your product with the right mix of amazing visual effects and a clear and comprehensible message, with quality solutions for any kind of budget.
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    Our promotional videos combine your scientific information with the thrills of creative excellence. Whatever your target is – television audience, sales staff, the press - we ensure they really understand the value of your product.




    Who said informational videos are boring?

    The right amount of concise commentary, frequent framing changes, and our amazing 3d animations will make any kind of scientific communication interesting, even fascinating. Your audience will thank you.






    With 3d stereoscopic technology your events will be even more amazing. Take the audience's attention to new heights by letting it walk straight into the film, for a unique experience and unforgettable experience.

    We also offer technical advice for the set-up of 3D equipment during conferences and events.


    The potential of digital communication is limitless. To help you and your company get the best out of it, we offer expert consulting services for web marketing, SEO, online advertising management, web design, scientific and medical copywriting. 



    No technique is out of date as long as you can find new ways of using it. And, despite of technological progress, nothing will ever compare with the tactile and visual sensations printed paper can give.

    • Commercial Graphic Art
    • Information leaflets and brochures
    • Publicity material

Scientific videos

  • infasil-dermaclinic


    Promotional video for the new Infasil Derma Clinic range 

  • angelini-anjelif


    Promotional video for the new "Anjelif" cosmetic range by Angelini Pharmaceutics (ACRAF)

  • jj-depuy

    DePuy - Johnson & Johnson

    Instructional video for assembly of Depuy's tibial guide, made by IN3D in collaboration with Treesse.

  • angelini-tachipirina


    Sales staff motivational video made by IN3D for the launch conference for Angelini's new injectable Tachipirina 

  • fidia-infiltrazioneanca

    Fidia Pharmaceutics

    Instructional video about hip arthrosis and method for hyaluronic acid treatment 

  • concordia-pallavolo

    Concordia Hospital

    Set of videos for the Congress of Sport Medicine organized by Doctor Giovanni di Giacomo

  • artrex-laterjet


    Demonstration video about application of a new patent for Latarjet surgery technique

  • zanichelli-scienze


    Teaching aid videos for the digital version of science textbooks

  • piccin-sala


    Video shots from inside the operating theatre for a multimedia project published by Piccin SpA

Emotional videos

  • ibsa1


    I vostri desideri di salute sono i nostri obiettivi

  • ibsa2


    Nel nostro lavoro ci ispiriamo alla Natura

  • ibsa3


    Campagna Fertilità SIFES


You can watch our demoreel straight away or download the high definition version onto your computer.


Why choose IN3D?

IN3D is the first advertising and communication agency specializing in 3d graphics for science, medicine, healthcare and pharmaceutics.

Choosing 3d graphics as our preferred communication vehicle reflects our desire to reveal the unknown, voyaging through the microscopic land of cells and molecules and showing from the inside how the human body and its organs work. Thanks to 3d graphics we are able to exactly reproduce anything that can exalt your product, from its specific mechanism of action to the details of its external packaging.

We guarantee excellent standards in both the creative and in the technical process. We are specialists in putting together scientific content and promotional purposes, balancing them with care to ensure the end result is always the most appropriate.

We care about your communication goals and work to achieve the highest levels of appreciation for you and your products.

Experience has taught us that the best formula for effective promotional communication in any field involves finding the right balance between Celebration of the product, Comprehension of the message and Controlled costs.

We believe that any promotional, educational or informational video, website or printed material lacking just one of these elements would be incomplete. And we are satisfied only if you are.